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My Ancestor's Story
My Ancestor's Story

John Lidiard was born in England in 1789.  He volunteered for Nelson's Navy when he was 11, and by 25 had become Captain of the Maintop. During the blockade of Boston his squadron captured the American frigate President. After Napoleon's defeat at Waterloo, John was released from the Royal Navy. He set sail for the South Seas, where he left his whaleship and his English life to live as a Pakeha Maori, a lone white man among New Zealand's legendary tribal warriors.
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John Lidiard
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The first European ships to visit New Zealand shores were ones of discovery. They stayed only long enough to take specimens of flora, map the coastline, and note their observations of the unique people inhabiting the bush-clad mountainous islands. Back home, their reports of bountiful seas gave rise to frequent voyages by speculators, hunting for profit among the natural resources. First came the sealers, and when they had exhausted their prey, then came the whalers. Traders too, began to realise the potential of the islands' resources. The new commodities were flax, and timber, felled from massive ancient Kauri forests. Other ships to visit before the arrival of the first colonial settlers include mutineered convict ships, privateers, mission vessels and naval ships. Each ship had its own story, and you can read many of them here.
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